Our Parents

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the educational experience and fostering community spirit at Horace Greeley Elementary School. Our mission is to support Greeley through fundraisers and events that enrich our children's education and strengthen community bonds. We organize various school events, including Family Nights, Alumni Visits featuring former students sharing success stories, multicultural night fashion shows highlighting cultural diversity, and donation drives for initiatives like Open Closet Day.


Chemika Howard - President 

Jackie Sanchez - Vice President (Parent)

Marilyn Berrio - Vice President (Staff)

Lora Nickels - Secretary 

Anna Hauser - Treasurer (Parent)

Muhammad Quraishi - Treasurer (Staff)


Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The primary goal of the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is to empower parents to inspire and support their children to achieve educational goals, which are not limited to, graduation from high school


Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC)

The goal of the Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC) is to help parents of ELs develop leadership skills for effective participation in schools and to advocate for the academic, social, and cultural development of all ELs.

Greeley-3 girls

Our Local School Council (LSC)

The Greeley Local School Council (LSC) is the elected governance body for Greeley School. Our LSC comprises the school principal, 6 parent representatives, 2 teacher representatives, 2 community representatives, and 1 para-professional representative. Chicago Public Schools mandate Local School Councils. 

You can learn more about the role of an LSC here. The primary responsibilities of the LSC include approving how school funds and resources are allocated, approving and monitoring the implementation of the annual school improvement plan (CIWP), and hiring and evaluating the school’s principal.

All community members are welcome to attend the Local School Council meetings, held on Wednesdays once a month at 5:30 PM at the school.


Our LSC representatives for the 2023-2024 school year:

Parent: Cineret Lastra                        cine.lastra@gmail.com 

Parent: Leonor Arellano                     leonorad11@gmail.com 

Parent: Mariana Gonzalez     elizabethadame11@gmail.com 

Parent: Cristina Vazquez                genetoms09@gmail.com

Parent: (Vacancy)

Community: Leticia Castro            linda70olvera@gmail.com 

Community: Janice R. White          janicew6054@gmail.com 

Teacher: Cindy Guzman                      Cguzman55@cps.edu 

Teacher: Trina Kroll                                       tmkroll@cps.edu

Staff: Samantha Belcher            ssgalichiabelcher@cps.edu

Student: Daveon Watkins

Principal: Faren D'Abell                                fdabell@cps.edu