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Horace Greeley Elementary

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Where Academic Excellence Meets
Cultural Celebration

We are proud to be a distinguished Magnet & Gifted World Language School. This designation reflects our commitment to celebrating diversity, fostering academic excellence, and a love for learning among our students and the educational community.



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Greeley Fast Facts

Designation: Elementary Magnet & Gifted World Language School
Address: 832 W Sheridan Rd, Chicago, Illinois 60613
Mascot: Tiger
Awards & Distinctions:
2007 Blue Ribbon School Program by U.S. Department of Education
2015-2016 CPS Excellence In Achievement, 95% Attendance School 

What Does it Mean to Be

A Magnet & Gifted World Language School?

As a Magnet School, we offer specialized programming in world language that attracts students from all over the city. We are fortunate to offer our students three days a week in Spanish from Pre-K (3 and 4 years old) through 8th grade. The "EL Regional Gifted Center" distinction recognizes our dedication to nurturing the talents and abilities of every student, fostering their growth and development in Spanish and Polish. We also have a neighborhood program. This allows students who live within our attendance limit to attend Greeley. 

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“The gifted bilingual program was a major draw for us, and it's been everything we hoped for. The small school atmosphere is another huge plus—it feels like home.”
-Christina, Proud Greeley Parent & Grandparent

Proudly Diverse

"What I truly appreciate about Greeley is its diversity. Having been a student here myself, I vividly recall appreciating the diverse community. These experiences significantly contributed to my preparation for high school and college, fostering a deeper understanding of cultural diversity and opening doors to broader opportunities. Embracing different cultures has been instrumental in shaping my perspective and readiness for life beyond Greeley."

–Mrs. Guzman, Gifted Coordinator

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What Makes Us Special

Our status as a Magnet and Gifted World Language School distinguishes us, but at Greeley, we go beyond. We offer many outstanding programs to enrich your child's educational experience.

Full-Day Pre-K & Kindergarten
Our full-day programs provides students with a strong foundation in their early education, setting them up for success in their academic journey.
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Cooperative Learning & SEL
Through implementing cooperative learning strategies and SEL, students learn critical thinking skills and foster emotional intelligence.
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Dedication to Students
Teachers and staff are deeply invested in their students' growth and well-being, often going above and beyond to provide support.
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Sports, Clubs, & More
Students can access various extracurricular activities, including sports, clubs, and field trips, enhancing their learning beyond the classroom.
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Well-rounded Curriculum
We offer a well-rounded curriculum that includes academics, arts, music, language instruction, and enrichment activities to stimulate creativity.
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Diversity & Inclusion
At Greeley Elementary, we take pride in our diversity, ensuring students from various backgrounds feel supported, valued, and appreciated.
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Honoring Our Parents & Partners

At Greeley Elementary, we deeply appreciate the support of our parents and community partners. Collaborating with organizations like the Joffrey Ballet, Urban Initiatives, Epic, JPA, Gill Park, and Urban Gateways enriches our students' experiences. We would also like to thank Alderman Angela Clay and Chicago Cubs Charities for continuing to strongly support Greeley and its efforts to modernize and provide robust physical fitness opportunities for students. Together, we foster an environment where every child thrives. Thank you to our dedicated parents and partners for their unwavering commitment to our school community.

Faren D'Abell

Preparing for the Future

“At Greeley, we take pride in our robust academic program, designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities they need to succeed in high school, college, and beyond."

-Mr. D'Abell, Principal