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What It Means To Be An

EL Regional Gifted Center and World Language Magnet School

Horace Greeley Elementary School proudly embraces its Magnet & Gifted World Language School identity, offering a distinctive educational experience combining specialized elements to enrich students' learning journeys.

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Magnet School

As a Magnet School, we are designed to magnetize students from diverse backgrounds by offering specialized curricula or programs. At Greeley, our magnet focus is Spanish world language. 

Bilingual Gifted

Our Gifted Bilingual Program provides an enriched curriculum tailored to students identified as intellectually advanced or talented. Students in our program benefit from accelerated coursework and enrichment activities in Spanish or Polish that go beyond the standard curriculum.

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World Language

Our World Language School aspect ensures that students have immersive language opportunities and experiences; this focus allows our students to become bilingual or multilingual, equipping them with valuable language skills for their academic and personal growth.

Celebrate Diversity, Academic Excellence, and a Love for Learning

Combining these elements, Horace Greeley Elementary School offers a specialized learning environment that attracts students with its magnetized theme of world languages. We provide a challenging and enriched curriculum for intellectually advanced students in Spanish or Polish, emphasizing language learning and cultural understanding.

Students at Greeley benefit from a rigorous academic program, immersive language experiences, and skills development that prepares them for success in a globalized world. Our school community celebrates diversity, academic excellence, and a love for learning among our students and faculty.

A Neighborhood School

At Greeley, we proudly offer a neighborhood program, providing an opportunity for students residing within our attendance boundary to attend our school. This initiative ensures local families access our exceptional educational environment, fostering community and inclusivity within our neighborhood. We welcome students from our surrounding area to join us in experiencing the unique opportunities and supportive atmosphere of Greeley Elementary.

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Our Mission

We are a neighborhood school committed to providing an inclusive community for personal growth and academic success with an appreciation of diverse cultures through our World Language Magnet program and Bilingual Gifted Program.

Our Vision

​Our vision is to facilitate a multilingual, rigorous, and equitable education with a focus on holistic, restorative practices and social-emotional learning


Our Core Values: ROARS


Open Mindedness

Acts of Kindness




Our Namesake

Horace Greeley (1811-1872) revolutionized American journalism and played a pivotal role in the Civil War era. Born on February 3, 1811, in Amherst, N.H., Greeley began his journalistic journey as an apprentice at 14 in Vermont. By 1831, he made his mark in New York City, founding the New Yorker in 1834 and the influential New York Tribune in 1841.

Greeley's editorial stance combined radical ideals with a commitment to social progress. His Tribune platform welcomed diverse voices, from social reformers to radical thinkers, shaping national discourse. Despite unprofitable investments, Greeley's Tribune became a journalistic force, advocating for cooperative efforts and Western settlers' rights.

During the Civil War, Greeley's editorials ranged from calls for peace to fervent appeals for action. His landmark editorial, "The Prayer of Twenty Million," symbolized Northern determination to end slavery.

Post-war, Greeley continued as a voice for reform, supporting Radical Republicans and African American rights. In 1872, he ran for president under the Republican Liberal party, advocating reason and compassion. Sadly, the campaign's strain and personal tragedy led to Greeley's passing on November 29, 1872.

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School Support


At Greeley Elementary School, our teachers and staff form the backbone of our nurturing community. Supported by the unwavering commitment of our parents and school community, our educators are empowered to give their best every day. Together, as a collaborative team, we strive to overcome challenges and create meaningful experiences that make a difference in the lives of our students. 

Through our partnership with DonorsChoose, Greeley teachers have successfully funded 380 projects, enriching the educational experiences of our students. DonorsChoose simplifies the process of supporting teachers in need, bringing us closer to ensuring that students in every community have access to the tools and experiences necessary for a great education. With the generous support of donors, we continue to provide our students with opportunities to thrive academically and personally. Click below to help.

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